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George is thrilled to celebrate every single day.  His friends created this site in April 2010 to update his tenacious battle against Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. We wanted to give supporters a central place to stay abreast of his health status, encourage him and exchange messages in the Guestbook.

NOTE 7/29/23: This site has not been updated in 10 years. We are in the process of doing so. George and Cheryl celebrated their 25th Anniversary last August. Jacquelyne, just turned 25, graduated from LeMoyne College (2020) and is thriving in her career as a Pharma sales manager. Eva is a flourishing college senior, studying business at Western Michigan University. Considering his condition 13 years ago, George is extremely blessed and grateful. “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

For a chronicle of his amazing journey, click on George’s Story (above).  Hear from him directly in George’s Journal (periodic updates). At the bottom of this page, you will find journal posts recommended specifically for patients/ survivors and caregivers.

There is Hope! With millions of people afflicted with cancer, our aim is for this site to be a resource for all patients, survivors and caregivers. Read on for more site features.


After the lymphoma transformed into a more aggressive type in August 2009, George endured a critical, several month period of intense chemo treatments at City of Hope Medical Center (COH).  Several different chemo regimens were proven ineffective. By mid-March 2010, the radiation sessions were also unsuccessful at shrinking the 12 cm abdominal tumor. George was told he had 2 months to live.

In desperation, the radiation dosage was doubled for the remaining 4 sessions. George then traveled to Oasis of Hope Hospital (OOH) in Tijuana for alternative-treatments not available in the USA.

Miraculously, the combination of those therapies and lingering effects of the radiation “melted” the tumor sufficiently to qualify him for a Bone Marrow/ Stem Cell Transplant (BM/SCT) in May at COH.

Go to George’s Journal and read the April-June 2010 entries featuring his experiences in Mexico and the BM/SCT.

George believes, “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) With resolute faith and tremendous love, support and inspiration from family and friends, George persevered. We’re thrilled that he is now cancer free!  The good Lord has watched over him, strengthening his faith, bolstering his resolve, and reversing an extremely dire situation. The new stem cells eradicated the cancer from George’s body! His dramatic progress is a miracle!

Read George’s Journal to gain insights, observations and takeaways from his incredible journey. The August 19th and 30th (2010) posts highlight 5 key decisions: the initial diagnosis, who he told and when, “the miracle,” assembling his team and taking ownership of his health care, and a healthy nutritional blueprint for all.


George received his BM/SCT, May 6th (2010) – his second birthday! A key goal of was to make it to City of Hope’s annual Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion, held each spring, in 2011. Against all odds, George and Cheryl have attended past two reunions.

The City of Hope has been treating cancer patients with BMTs for 36 years – over 10,000 transplants.  There are several thousand patients, survivors, caregivers, nurses, physician and staff at these joyous reunions. Check the photo album to see George with other BM/SCT recipients/cancer survivors.


While cancer free is a wonderful place to be, the word “cure” is not used so much in the world of survivors. There may be “no evidence of cancer,” but, there is also no guarantee cancer is gone forever.  We must continue the fight!

Well beyond George’s battle, it’s about loved ones in your life who have been tormented by this vile disease, as well as millions of other patients and survivors. We ask that you continue your prayers, and further your involvement with cancer fighting causes.


Besides the Guestbook, George’s Story and George’s Journal, this site features resources about cancer research and care. The links to the right point to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, BE THE MATCH “National Marrow Donor Program,” City of Hope, National Cancer Institute, and Oasis of Hope.

Take a moment and review George’ Top 100 Rock Albums. Music has always been one of his passions. George put this list together in the hospital along with a Bonus Tracks list of 130 additional top albums, to generate a fun diversion from cancer, and to interact with you about your favorites. Tell him in the Guestbook what you think of his list.

Many of you are featured in the Photo Album. Click on the link and enjoy the slide show!  New photos are added throughout the year.

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Pleaser refer to the below George’s Journal posts for specific insights especially for patients/survivors and caregivers.

9/27/12 – Blood Cancers / Bone Marrow Transplant Insights

4/18/11 – Positive Thinking, Faith, Hope and Love

8/30/10 – Lessons-Learned on the Path to Wellness

8/19/10 – Cancer Diagnosis:  A Scary Road of Uncertainty

7/26/10 – Importance of Diet and Nutrition

7/12/10 – Living After Cancer

6/18/10 – Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation


We hope George’s Story will be insightful and inspiring to others battling this horrible disease. If you’re a cancer patient/survivor/caregiver or health care professional, please let us know if you have any information we can share others.

Tell us about your journey in the Guestbook, or contact George’s brother, John R. Ghindia, at 313.909.9728 or johnrghindia@hotmail.com. George loves hearing from all of you, so drop him a note in the Guestbook. He replies to every message.

Every day is a blessing! The good Lord gives us the “present,“ a precious gift.  Our lifetimes are filled with thousands of todays (if fortunate).

Thanks for your care and support. Let’s keep up the fight for everyone battling cancer! We must find a cure.  Together we can do it!

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